WiiWare Games Will Be Up When They're Ready

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Got an idea which games will be available when WiiWare launches in the West? You don't. Because Nintendo haven't announced them. And from the sounds of it, won't ever be announcing them, telling Wired's Chris Kohler that as it stands, we may not be given advance warning as to what'll be appearing on the service. You'll wake up one day, check here/your Wii, and either there'll be new games, or there won't be. Oh, the suspense!
No WiiWare Launch List Until Next Week? [Game|Life]


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I've said it from Day 1, Updates to the store need to be marketed THROUGH THE WII!

Think of how cool it would be if your Wii's calendar had the next four weeks worth of VC/WiiWare releases built in?

Or if every Monday morning there was a message from Nintendo informing you what was scheduled to come out in the shop for that week?

Why they haven't done this yet is beyond me. Perhaps they could find a way to build it into the My Nintendo Channel (or whatever it's going to be called here in the states)