Wii U's Need For Speed: Most Wanted Will Have Co-Op Driving

Illustration for article titled Wii Us emNeed For Speed: Most Wanted/em Will Have Co-Op Driving

Here's a feature for the March 19 Wii U version of last fall's acclaimed racing game Need for Speed Most Wanted that wasn't in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions. From an EA press release:

...an all new local co-op mode, Co-Driver, one player drives using the Wii Remote controller or Wii U Pro Controller, and another player uses the Wii U GamePad to provide control and navigation assistance on a fully interactive real-time map. Using just their fingertips, a partner can distract pursuing cops, switch from night to day or activate enhanced performance for any car and even control the amount of traffic on the road. This is the ultimate advantage for gamers who like to stir up trouble for the cops, their friends or just for fun.


The game will also be playable entirely on the GamePad, if players so choose. That's one of the nicer perks that many Wii U games provide.

Worth the wait?

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Does anyone else have issues with the range for the WiiU gamepad? It's fine from my couch, but if I'm on my couch, then I'm probably already playing on the TV.

When I try to take it to the other end of my living room, it loses connection. Taking it into another room is completely out of the question. The effective range seems to be about 12 feet, max, and that's REALLY disappointing. My apartment is less than 1000 square feet, and I can't even play the damn thing in my bedroom.