Wii U Production Has Officially Ended For Japan [Update]

[Image: Nintendo]
[Image: Nintendo]

Last fall, Kotaku reported Wii U production was slated to end “soon” for Japan. And today, we can say it’s officially finished.


Update January 31 - 6:30pm: Nintendo of America issued the following statement: “Wii U production has ended globally.”

The announcement was made on Nintendo Japan’s website under the Wii U hardware section. (Note that these are the only two versions of the Wii U currently available.)

[Image: Nintendo Japan]
[Image: Nintendo Japan]

The website states that Wii U production has ended, but specifically notes for this is domestically for Japan (日本国内 or Nihon kokunai, which means “within Japan”).

Kotaku reached out to Nintendo of America for comment, but did not hear back prior to publication.

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