Wii U Goes On Sale In Japan On December 8

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Today, Nintendo revealed that its next generation home console will be out in Japan on December 8.


There will be two types of Wii U's on sale: a Basic Set and a Premium Set. They are priced at 26,250 and 31,500 (plus tax). The Basic Set has 8GB of Flash Memory, while the Premium Set has 32GB. Both consoles have 2GB of main memory—a number Kotaku first broke earlier this year. Out of that 2GB, 1GB is used for games and the other GB is used for system.


The Premium Set comes with the black Wii U console, the black Wii U GamePad, a GamePad stylus, the Wii U AC adapter, the Wii U GamePad AC Adapter and a HDMI cable. The Premium Set will also come with a Wii U stand, a GamePad stand and charger.

Until December 2014, Nintendo is offering the Nintendo Network Premium to those who purchase the Premium Set.

The Basic Set is in White, and it comes with the Wii U console, the GamePad, a GamePad stylus, and cables, including HDMI.


Stay tuned for details early tomorrow morning on the US pricing and release date for the Nintendo Wii U.

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Whoa, whoa. Hold up... not November 17? (I think) that's the usual date they always have gone with and it seemed pretty much solid that it would come out then.