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Wii Speak Will Be Tradeable

Illustration for article titled Wii Speak Will Be Tradeable

According to a Nintendo UK representative, inclusion of a Wii Download Ticket number with Wii Speak microphone will in no way affect the ability for purchasers to resell the peripheral. It was previously feared that the inclusion of the code, redeemable only once for the free Wii Speak Channel required to make use of the device, would prohibit purchasers of resold units from activating the device, but Nintendo explains that a new ticket number is just a phone call away.

"Any consumer who may have misplaced their Wii Download Ticket number for the Wii Speak Channel or require a new number following a Wii exchange may contact their local Nintendo Customer Services department, where they can request a replacement Wii Download Ticket number."


See? We were all worried about nothing. Nintendo obviously planned it this way all along, rather than simply reacting to the public outcry. That's just how they roll. Nintendo clears up Wii Speak issue [Eurogamer]

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It astounds me that Nintendo still goes to these extremes. They've listened to us bitch for the last 2 years about how much we hate Friend Codes, system codes, game codes, what-have-you...and now they're releasing a mic-plus-speaker add-on that only works with a code as well? You know, when I turn on my PS3 or 360, I use the headset that they gave me—an easily replaceable and cheap headset—and I play with an easy to remember account name—ONE account name—that my friends can easily find and connect with. Every part of Nintendo's online strategy has been a pile of trash from day one, and it only gets worse with every new idea they introduce. It's like they're actively listening to what consumers have to say, and then doing the opposite just to prove that we'll still buy their shit no matter how they treat us. Actually I think I heard this somewhere in the bible, a guy name Job...yeah.