It’s a very simple creation, but one that is ingenious and solves a major flaw that almost every other digital storefront and website suffers from: a lack of cool music. Seriously! Why is it that only Nintendo seems to get that adding a sick jam to your store is a great way to keep people hanging out in it, probably leading to more purchases? This is such a no-brainer and yet it’s only Nintendo that has nailed this–yet sadly, even Nintendo has dropped the ball in recent years. The Switch has no store theme, which is a terrible crime and one which I’ll never forget.


The Wii Shop Channel Music add-on also lets you select a few other store songs, including the also excellent DSi shop song and the less great, but nice to have Wii U store song. The add-on also features a handy button for turning off the music if you need a break but don’t want to uninstall the browser extension.

Davenport says he has more features he wants to add to the extension, but for now, he’s happy with the current iteration of it. I’m happy with it too. I needed to buy something on Amazon today and it was much more fun surfing Bezo’s capitalist wasteland with some funky tunes in the background. Also, because this blog is about the Wii Shop Channel song, I can’t end it without including the classic “Update Day” skit from Nirvana: The Band: The Show.