Wii Sells 6 Million, Wii Fit, 2 Million

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Wait, didn't we only just say Nintendo had sold five million Wiis in Japan? Scratch that. Make it six. And while you're at it, note that of those six million Wii owners, two million of them have already bought Wii Fit. Two million! In less than six months! Crazy. When Chuck D said it'd take a nation of millions to hold him back, he was obviously talking about the Japanese, and their newly-honed sense of balance.


Wii:1年半足らずで国内販売600万台 Wiiフィットも200万本、ダブルで大台突破 [Mainichi Daily News]


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@kotordeusexfan:That's iit, your ass is going before the Prinny God. Get out.

@B33:The 'hardcore' fanbase hasn't supported Nintendo from the time the N64 launched. Most of them jumped ship to the PSX within a year of it's launch and never came back save for the rare game and sales reflected this.

Get this though your heads, following your 'core' though fire and brimstone will result in you making little to no profit and ending up a faded memory.

@IntelSilver:Nintendo from the 80's on has always had very, very good marketing, but do explain what you mean. More so when Nintendo products almost always deliver.

@okenny :):Impossable. I think Super Mario Bros holds the record for biggest attachment base, but typically 40% is as high as things seem to get.

@Al Bino:+1. I'll never tire of watching 'core' gamers throw shitfits over Nintendo making money.

@Archaotic:Shiggy and countless Nintendo folks have already said this is not going to replace a real workout.