Wii Remote Briefly Sends Family Dog To The Other Side

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The mysteries of the afterlife are now clear to Michigan-based miniature Sheltie Ozzy, a five-month old puppy that has come face to face with death, thanks to a near fatal Wii Remote toss.


Fortunately, Ozzy's brush with eternal rest was only temporary, knowing Death's belly rub for no more than a few minutes. After the family dog was struck in the fuzzy temple during a game of, we assume, Wii Sports bowling, it was hastily revived with mouth-to-nose resuscitation.

The dog suffered from brain swelling and was sent into cardiac arrest after the incident, traveling only a short distance across the river Styx before being pulled back into the light. He's reported to be recovering and is expected to return to normal.

It's a sobering story that has a very clear message — wrist straps and Wii Remote jackets, people. We cannot stress this enough. That or prepare to be on the receiving end of a PETA protest and/or a dog haunting.

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It had nothing to do with a wriststrap not being worn. The lady still had the wiimote in her hand during contact. Moral of story, don't let pets stand around you while playing wii.