Wii Pisses People Off

Nintendo's Wii is leaving a lot of Revolution fans with a burning sensation. The photoshops are flowing like an awkwardly named Japanese game console after a suitcase of beer. From game forums like GAF, Penny Arcade and Quarter to Three to CNN, MTV, ABC and other proper demonstrations of three letters strung together, people don't seem too taken with Nintendo's Wii.

I personally am not a big fan of Wii. I think that perhaps Wii could turn some people off. And those that Wii doesn't upset will likely not be buying Wii because of its name.

This name change is going to turn the Nintendo press conference into a Saturday night live skit. I mean, can you imagine being the guy who wins the right to be the first person to touch Nintendo's Wii?

"Congratulations Johnny, you get to play with Wii."

Expect a lot of giggling during the presser. Some folks have started a petition to kill off Wii, but I don't think there's a snowball chance in hell that will happen because it sorta sounds like Nintendo loves Wii.


Revolution is Officially Wii [Kotaku]

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