Wii Is The New PS2, PS3 Is The New...

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...GameCube. Website VentureBeat crunched the NPD numbers and has turned up the following results:

• Based on the console's first 26 months of availability, the Wii is on its way to become the best-selling console of all time — a title currently held by the PS2. (The Wii has been outselling the PS2.)


• During the first 26 month period, the PS3 sold 6.79 million units in the U.S., compared to 6.75 million GameCubes during its first 26 months. While the GameCube finished a distant third last generation, the console was profitable for Nintendo.

There are more figures and data in the link below.

Wii is on track to outsell PlayStation 2, while PS 3 is on par with GameCube sales [VentureBeat]

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PS3 released at $499/$599 and is weathering a large recession. Most of its sales will come within the next 6 years.

GC released at $199 with no recession & most of its sales came in the early years of its life cycle, it died horribly within its mid-late years.

There's a lot more here than just the first 26 months in analyzing the potential sales of PS3 in comparison to GC.