Wii Helps Amazon Have Best Holiday Sales on Record

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The 2008 holiday season was Amazon's best ever, with Nintendo Wii dominating the top sellers in video games and hardware, the online retailer announced today.


On it's peak day, Dec. 15, Amazon received more than 6.3 million items orders worldwide and shipped more than 5.6 million orders. That works out to 72.9 items ordered per second on Dec. 15.

"We are extremely grateful to our customers," said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com. "We wish everyone happy holidays and the very best for the coming year."

Amazon.com's 14th Holiday Season Is Best Ever



Yep, bought myself Persona 4 off Amazon.ca. It showed up 2 weeks after everyone else started playing P4, but I got the art book you know EB Games wouldn't let me have.

You have my customer loyalty, Amazon.

I'm kinda' peeved I didn't get P3:FES from them now, what with their art book/soundtrack deal. It's not the same soundtrack and art book that came with the original P3, is it?