Wii Getting Another Resident Evil Shooting Game

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The latest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu announces a new Resident Evil (AKA Biohazard in Japan) game for the Nintendo called Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


The Wii light gun game is a continuation of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and set in the world of Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 is set in fall 1998 as the resident of Racoon City are infected with the T-virus and turned into zombies. The game's release date and price have not yet been announced.

Rail shooter The Umbrella Chronicles was released in November 2007 and sold over a million copies worldwide.



So let's go through the Capcom Wii support check list:

1. Outsourced third-rate developer? Check!

2. Low budget? Check!

3. On-rails gameplay? Check!

4. Re-ussed assets from old RE games? Check!

5. The absolute opposite of what Wii gamers want? Check!

6. Horrible PR trying to hype the game? Check!

7. Announcing the mediocre Wii game at a AAA 360 Game event? Check!

Total and complete failure to respect the 1.5 million people who bought RE4? Check, check and check!!