Wii Fit Moves Out Of Electronics, Into Women's Clothing Department

Illustration for article titled Wii Fit Moves Out Of Electronics, Into Womens Clothing Department

Attention, Wal-Mart shoppers: the mega retailer is currently doing massive reductions on women's self-esteem, moving the Wii Fit advertising kiosks from the electronics department to women's clothing. A diabolical tactic!


Yes, that's a full length body mirror adjacent to the Wii Fit kiosk, a deviously placed hint that's not so subtly telling Wal-Mart shoppers "Hey, time to put the Oreo Double Stufs down and get some Wii Fit yoga done, chubs."

We don't know how far or wide the appeal from Wii Fit to chunky women has been deployed, as reader Zach is our source for the conspicuously placed display. But we hope they erect some near our local mall food court — right next to the Cheesecake Factory seems appropriate.


Actually, scratch that. A quick flashback to my last Wal-Mart shopping experience makes me think the clientele here are probably a good crowd to target.

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Wow, does this mark the point where we stop counting the Wii as games console, then?

Heads up, guys: Microsoft is winning the console wars, but it's still all open for Sony, both manufacturers not even hitting 30 million units! Who will win this extravaganza of gaming, multimedia and gadgetry?

What you say? The Wii is still a console?

Oh...well...the console race is boring again. Nintendo wins. We get WiiMusic sequels up until 2011 when the WiiToo comes out. Interesting stuff...