Wii Fit Launch Is A Little Out Of Shape

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If you were at the Nintendo World Store in NYC today, you probably got a chance to see Wii Fit. And if you were quick, you would even have got a chance to pick up a copy! But if you live somewhere that's not around the corner from the Nintendo World Store, and fancy getting hold of it, remember this: you'll be waiting another day. Or two. Seems that while the game's "official" launch date is today, May 19, retailers across the US won't be getting their shipments of the game until Wednesday, giving you much-needed extra time to clear some push-up space on your living room floor.


Confusion, shortages hobble US Wii Fit kickoff [GameSpot]

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The GameStop in toen had a big pile of WiiFit boxes in the back of the store on Saturday, but they have big "Do not sell until 5/21" stickers on them.