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Wii Fit And Wii Sports Exercise Weighed And Measured

Illustration for article titled Wii Fit And Wii Sports Exercise Weighed And Measured

A new study has determined which Wii Fit and Wii Sports activities actually qualify as moderate intensity exercise, as defined by the American Heart Association. Are you actually exercising?


The Nintendo-funded study, led by the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, measured the metabolic equivalent values, or METs, generated by participating in Wii Fit and Wii Sports activities. METs are a standard way of measuring energy expenditure, with moderate intensity exercise defined as any activity with METs of 3.0 or above.

By far the most effective exercise in the study was Wii Fit's single-arm stand, which at 5.6 EMTs was just under the AHA's definition of vigorous activity, which kicks in at 6.0.


The loser? Wii Sports Golf didn't make the cut, falling in at 2.0 METs, which isn't really surprising when you consider that most of your exercise in golf comes from walking and drinking.

Here are the results as they stand:

Wii Fit Single-Arm Stand: 5.6 METs
Wii Sports Boxing: 4.5 METs
Wii Sports Tennis: 3.0 METs
Wii Sports Baseball: 3.0 METs
Wii Sports Golf: 2.0 METs

So aside from single-arm standing, the study proves that hitting imaginary people is a healthy way to spend your day. Good to know!

Nintendo Wii may provide actual exercise: study [Reuters]

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TrippingLotus is no more

Only 4.5 for Wii Sports Boxing? Obviously they're not playing right. I nearly have a heart attack whenever I play. #wiifit