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Wii Castlevania Revealed! It's A Fighting Game?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to GoNintendo, the latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals the proud return of the Castlevania series to consoles. Castlevania Judgment is, believe it or not, a 3D fighter, pitting classic characters from throughout the series against each other in mortal combat. Yes, not at all the exact opposite of what Castlevania fans have been asking for.

GoNintendo's report from the mag hints at appearances from characters like Simon Belmont and Alucard, the use of sub-weapons like holy water and boomerangs, and (surprise!) motion controls.


Odd, yes, but while Konami may not be known for its fighting games — outside of Yie Ar Kung Fu — it had dabbled in 3D fighters when they were in their heyday. It was also responsible for one-third of the line-up Dream Mix TV World Fighters, a Japan-only fighting game that featured Simon Belmont and Solid Snake and was terrible.

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