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Canada may have a lot of real estate, but most of the people are gathered down in the Southern section of the country for fear of the vicious ice spiders that rampage through the Northern tundra. It's most likely because of this that such a large country is only now surpassing the one million Wii sold milestone, with just under 1,060,000 units sold as of the end of July, according to the NPD. Thus continues Nintendo's domination of the Great White North (and the world as a whole), with the PlayStation 3 selling 520,000 and Xbox 360 sales totaling 870,000 units despite a year head start on the competition. There's still time to catch up, however. The NPD also reports that Canadian video game sales are 54% to nearly $920 million over last year, only a fraction of which can be directly attributed to the ice spiders' strange fascination with Wii Sports Tennis. Wii surpasses one million consoles sold in Canada [CTV via Edge]

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