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Women in Games International needs funding, and they're not above selling off their stuff to get it! They're kicking off the WIGI Celebrity Ebay Auction tomorrow, with more than a hundred bits of video game merchandise and memorabilia up for grabs. Items have been donated from Bungie, Microsoft Game Studios, Electronic Arts - even the Cartoon Network team has chipped in items to help fund the international non-profit organization that has been working for years to make sure women get a fair shake in the industry. The items range from pretty spiffy, like this signed copy of the Xbox 360 Collector's Edition Frontlines: Fuel of War, complete with t-shirt signed by the Kaos team, to the slightly less appealing, such as the book "Mobile 3D Game Development: From Start to Market." Hit the jump for WIGI's press release, or check out their auction page for the full list of swag up for grabs.Women in Games International Launches Online Auction eBay Auction Raise Funds for National Games Non-Profit Thursday, November 20, 2008—Austin, TX— Women in Games International (WIGI) today announced their WIGI Celebrity Ebay Auction, a collection of over a hundred video games and game-related merchandise items - much of it signed by industry leaders - being auctioned to raise funds for Women in Games International. If there's one thing gamers love more than games themselves, it's awesome game-related merchandise. That's why Women in Games International is happy to announce their 2008 celebrity auction, a collection of over 100 items generously donated by leaders in the video game industry - including Bungie, Microsoft Game Studios, Electronic Arts, and many other game companies. WIGI auction items include everything from signed blockbuster games to game design books to hard-to-find vintage paraphernalia. You can check out their website for a full list of items. A few items that may pique the interest of bidders include Halo 3 high-quality black messenger bag with Halo figurine, books, and posters, signed special edition Xbox 360 copy of Frontlines with signed Kaos shirt, signed Gears of War messenger bag, Gears of War bottle opener, and An Inside Look at Gears of War 2 book, and much, much more. To find the WIGI auction items online and starting the bidding process, visit:, or just go to and search for "2008 WIGI Auction." Bidding for the auction begins Saturday, 11/22, in conjunction with the Philadelphia event VGXPO. All proceeds go to support Women in Games International, a non-profit organization that has been working over the last four years to further the inclusion and advancement of women in the game industry. Visit to see the complete auction item list. Just in time for the holidays, you can begin your bidding online for unique game gifts on Saturday, November 22.


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