Why You Don't Go For Roshan At The Start of a Dota 2 Match

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Most people wait a little before pitting their team against Roshan. Not these guys, though.

Even though NoobFromUA's team doesn't manage to kill Roshan at the start of the match, it's still entertaining to watch them try. They got so close, too!


But yeah, a good reminder that one should probably be smarter about tackling Roshan. People have definitely killed him at the start of matches before, but my guess is that the odds are against the average person/team trying to do the same.

Best 1 lvl Roshan w SingSing Wagamama Cyborgmatt Dota 2 [NoobFromUA]

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Sometimes it can pay off. Specifically, the TI4 match where one team was able to snowball completely based off an early rosh. But the rule of thumb is, if you don't know how to do it, you're best off just sticking to lanes/jungles.

For entertainment purposes: