Why Xbox 360 New Controller Is Called 'Natal'

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Sure, the Microsoft fact sheet for Project Natal explains that the XBox 360's answer to Wii motion control has a special sensor, an RGB sensor, a depth sensor, a multiarray microphone and a special processor, but what's that name mean?

Here's how the company explains it:

"Alex Kipman, who incubated the project and is from Brazil, chose Natal, a city along the northeastern coast of Brazil, as a tribute to his country. In addition, he knew that Natal also means "to be born" in Latin. Given the new audiences "Project Natal" will bring to Xbox 360, this felt right."


Despite what you just read, do not pronounce the word as you would the "natal" in pre-natal care. Pronounce it as you would the Natal in Natalia.

Beach in Natal [PIC]

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I think this will revolutionise gaming as we know it!

It's bringing the best of what Microsoft Surface has to offer and more...without the surface!

With MS's E3 announcements and Monkey Island SE, this is the best year all year for me :) (cries)