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Why The Wii Cooled Off

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Remember when the Wii was the hottest thing? It's cooled off and the people at National Public Radio needed to figure out why. I tried to help, but it was a lady named Elizabeth Bewley who made the best point.


The 57-year-old Arizona woman had enjoyed her Wii and Wii Fit the way so many people who would otherwise never buy a video game machine did in the past few years.

NPR's Marketplace explains:

She and her husband started playing every night for at least an hour. After six months, they got tired of the workouts, so Bewley figured she'd just get a new disc for Christmas.

Bewley: But we were really disappointed because all the ones I saw are really like video games.


Did she just nail it?

Look, there are gamers who complain that the Wii doesn't have good games on it anymore. I disagree with them. I played my Wii plenty in 2010. I happily played Kirby's Epic Yarn, Endless Ocean 2, Red Steel 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Art-Style Light Trax, Art-Style Rotozoa, Frobot, Fluidity, Sin & Punishment 2, Bit.Trip Runner, Max and the Magic Marker, Thruspace.... and.... those are all games that "are really like video games."

Wii Fit wasn't like a video game. Wii Sports and Wii Music — even Activision and MTV's Guitar Hero and Rock Band — all could have been mistaken for being something other than video games. What did Nintendo make for the Elizabeth Bewley's this year? (Aside from Metroid Other: M.) Wii Party, I guess.

Who's excited about Zelda: Skyward Sword next year? Me. Maybe you. Elizabeth Bewley? I doubt it.


Nintendo's Wii is already outdated [NPR]

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Ok seriously? Stop hating on Other M. It's a great game. I'm sorry it didn't live up to your dreams of a Metroid game, but it's not like anyone criticized Ninja Gaiden for its ass story and Other M honestly did a lot better than either of those titles.