Why Sony Is Launching the Vita Later

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Originally, Sony planned to release the PlayStation Vita on Dec. 3. Instead, the company is pushing it out on Dec. 17.

In the upcoming issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Hiroshi Kawano revealed that Sony had planned to launch the Vita on Dec. 3, but moved it back in order to have more units at launch.

Good news for those hoping to pick one up this Dec. Pre-orders for the PlayStation Vita start next month in Japan. Expect lines. Long ones.


SCE河野氏「PS Vita」について [忍之閻魔帳]

(Top photo: Koji Sasahara | AP)

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I really want a Vita but after buying the 3ds I've decided never to buy a console on release day ever again. I'm going to wait for it to have more than 10 games that I want so it's not sitting on my shelf like my 3ds collecting dust.