Why Shouldn't Your Console Get Its Own Tower?

LevelUp initiates tower defense against gaming clutter with a series of stylish all-in-one gaming storage solutions that make your console the base of its own video game tower.

I'm constantly battling with video game clutter myself, particular with my game controllers. While I've yet to find a storage solution more convenient that halfway sticking out of the couch, LevelUp's new gaming towers might be a strong contender.

Each fully licensed (except for the Xbox 360 version) tower contains a place for your console with plenty of life-giving ventilation, slots for your favorite games, (non-charging) controller docks up top, and hooks to hold any plastic guitars you might have lying about the house.

"The concept behind LevelUp is simple: gaming gear shouldn't clutter the home," said Jason , Lemelson, President of Level Up. "Our line of affordable towers makes it easy for every day consumers to keep their accessories in a functional tower that looks cool in any entertainment or gaming environment."


At $69.99 MSRP, each tower - the PlayStation 3 Alloy, Zig-Zag for XBOX 360, and Aperture and Trideca for Wii - won't run you much more than a game. They're an elegant solution to a common gaming problem.

Of course if you have all three systems like I do, you'll soon find yourself dealing with tower clutter, and I doubt they'll fit snugly between your couch cushions.

The Level Up towers will be available at participating U.S. retailers, including Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's and JCPenney. Check out the LevelUp website for more info.


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