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Why Play FarmVille When You Can Help Run an Actual Farm Online?

Aimed at capitalising on the popularity of Facebook smash hit FarmVille, Britain's National Trust has established MyFarm, which is in many ways a game of FarmVille, only for real.


A real estate in Cambridgeshire, England has been set aside to be "run" by 10,000 "farmers", who each month will determine via voting what gets built, which crops are sown, basically anything and everything to do with running a real, functional farm.

It's not just for show, either: it's hoped the "players" can turn the operation into a profitable venture for the Trust, which does a great job in preserving the countless places and objects of historical importance across the United Kingdom.


And if it doesn't? Then at least a few thousand people learned what it's like to actually run a real farm, instead of just clicking on one during their lunchbreaks.

If you're in the UK, you can read more about the venture at the official site below.

Illustration for article titled Why Play emFarmVille/em When You Can Help Run an Actual Farm Online?

MyFarm [National Trust, via neatorama]

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There should never have been a reason to play FarmVille in the first place when Harvest Moon has been around for years. And there are plenty of places to play the early games free right in your browser online.