Why on Earth Do Action Figures Need Trailers?

This is a great-looking Sonic diorama, make no mistake. It's just... why is there a trailer? The inappropriately energetic rock music, the silly effects, the weird-as-hell vibration—ugh.

The video does have "informative" in its title, and I'll give it that, it is a rather informative video. But you can get all the same info from visiting the site. Or, you know, just take one of these huge snapshots...


...and put the text on there somewhere. There's so much room!

Of course, that was just the "informative" video. There's also the "hype" video, which, being a "hype" video, surely must be a lot more exciting, right?

Nope. Just more of the same.

Can you feel the hype yet?

It's not just this company, by the way. DC Collectibles also does videos like this from time to time—here's one from last week:

Same as last time—awesome figure, bad video. So drawn-out. So silly, especially with the music on. Stationary objects shouldn't be filmed for so long, regardless of whether they have removable helmets or not.

This video does a slightly better job, even though it's equally ridiculous (Superman pool cues? Really?). There's action. People are demonstrating what the product does. They don't just film the same figure for a minute then toss random visual effects at it.


Collectible figure makers, please, stick to fancy photos. Trailers just don't work in this context.

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