To: Bash
From: Crecente
Re: Writing About Jobs

We still have plenty of time before Killzone 2 official hits, but I've been receiving a lot of messages from people asking why we haven't reviewed the Playstation 3 exclusive.

The simple answer is, it's not ready to be reviewed yet. Sure the on-disc experience is mostly complete, and looks amazing by the way. But the review code document sent along to all reviewers with the game outlines a number of issues the game has which will be fixed for the retail box code. That includes plenty I didn't ever witness, like crashes; some that were fixed in later versions, like sound and collision issues; and one that we have no way of testing, online tournament modes, and functionality.

All of this is pretty standard for a game several weeks out still, but it certainly should serve as a warning sign for reviewers to maybe hold of on a full review just yet.


I did write up my brief impressions of the single player mode, which I really quite loved. But I'll save the detailed analysis for the official review once the final game is available to be reviewed.

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