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Why Nintendo Doesn't Remake Zelda Games And How New Zelda Will Be Different

Illustration for article titled Why Nintendo Doesnt Remake Zelda Games And How New Zelda Will Be Different

While some players might think it would be fantastic if Nintendo remade older Zelda titles like Nintendo 64 title, Ocarina of Time. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma doesn't think remakes are so easy.


"Whenever we have to think about the remake," Aonuma told IGN, "we have to also think about the background, especially what kind of situation, what kind of period and time that previous game was played in, because, be it Ocarina of Time or any other games, whenever they say they want to have a remake on whichever platform, they have some emotional attachment from playing that game at that particular time or environment." According to Aonuma, that sort of background is always there. "We cannot afford to destroy that kind of emotional attachment."

Another reason is that whenever Nintendo comes up with new technology, the developers are inspired to put that new tech and new ideas into new Zelda games. For example, in the upcoming Legend of Zelda on the Wii, the game features 1-to-1 controls. Players can swing the Wii Remote, and directly control Link's sword play in-game. "It has become very natural," the producer added. "I mean, the movement of your arms are precisely reflected in the gameplay whereby Link is wielding his sword just as you shake the Wii Motion Plus remote."


What's more, game play for the upcoming Wii Zelda title will be different from the traditional dungeon — field — dungeon structure that has dominated Zelda titles in the past. According to Aonuma, expect an announcement at next year's E3 about these changes.

"So that's the current situation and that's the reason why we are not very aggressive in exploring the possibility of remaking the past Zelda series," the producer added. "If I can think how to do it, or if any inspiration comes to me, without destroying the emotional attachment people have to the past game, and I can make some great innovation or renovation on the remake, then I might be able to think about it further."

The Legacy of Zelda [YouTube via WiiNintendo]

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I liked twilight princess, I just didn't enjoy the wolf scenes, They didn't satisfy my underlying zelda thirst. I wanted more of everyone's favourite teenage warrior on the cusp of manhood. So I could run round forests endlessly slaying demonic plants with my giant blade while he screams out in boyish angst with every swing.