Why Joss Whedon Is Already Apologizing for The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The new Avengers movie hasn't started shooting in Seoul yet, but Joss Whedon is already telling the people he's sorry for the mess and inconvenience the movie will bring.

Filming starts in Seoul on March 30, but Whedon has already released an apology video, which is titled "Thank You Greeting." The apology was released early to cut off any complaints at the pass. You can watch it below (courtesy of tipster Sang):

The country has apparently never given this sort of cooperation before for a feature film—Hollywood or domestic. For example, on March 30 from 6:00am to 5:30pm, the entire Mapo Bridge is being closed off to traffic. Via News 1, here is a sign on the bridge saying it will be closed:


Other streets and parts of the city will shut down for filming as well until April 7 when the shoot wraps.

These will be headaches, sure, but the majority of the country seems to understand that cooperating with the production is important. On a MBN television poll, 55.8 percent of those polled said the country has to support the production's filming.

The movie is slated to feature about twenty minutes of South Korea footage. The movie will also feature Korean actress Kim Soo Hyun as a "doctor-slash-scientist who is friends with Tony Stark."

We look forward to Whedon's next apology once the movie is released. Kidding!

어벤져스2 한국촬영, 조스 웨던 감독 감사인사 [MediaVOP@YouTube Thanks, Sang!]

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