"To prey on their fear, move like an animal, to feel the kill." If you knew the answer to that question then congratulations, you're enough of a Venture Bros. fan to really, really want this Entertainment Earth San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

I am gearing up for San Diego Comic-Con next month, and that gearing up involves making a list of exclusive things to spend my money on. Last year Bloody Brock made the cut (sorry), but everyone I showed him to wanted to know why he wasn't naked. Well now he is.


The same 3 3/4 scale as last year's figure, this Brock comes with removable censor bars that can be stowed to reveal... nothing. There's no junk there. For $15 you'd think you get junk. I guess I can make my own.

The best thing about Naked Brock Samson? He's a convention exclusive you don't have to go to the convention to get. If any are left over after the show ends, you can snag him right here at Entertainment Earth, along with the rest of their exclusives.

What Comic-Con exclusives are you craving this year?


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