Why Is Klei's CEO Playing With Dolls?

This is what greeted me when I arrived at the Sheraton down the street from PAX to meet with Klei Entertainment CEO Jamie Cheng regarding the company's latest game, Shank.

So what do spooky dolls and an even spookier CEO have to do with a cartoonish beat-em up that could wind up being my game of the show (more on that later)? In order to understand, you have to see the invite that eventually led us to this fateful meeting.


This is how Klei Entertainment lured unwary journalists to PAX 09. The originally sent a copy of this letter to Crecente, but it seemed to have gotten lost somewhere in the shuffle, so they sent one to me.

The important thing to note here is the stratefically placed business card. Flipping it up reveals...


So, putting two and two together, along with the fact that Crecente is out of town this weekend, and we have...OMG! Klei Entertainment is run by a guy who likes dolls who kidnapped Crecente and cut off his glorious hair!

At least that's my conclusion. Yours may vary. Either way its lovely PR, even if they might have killed my boss.

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