Why Inside Is One Of The Best Games Of The Year

Have you played Inside? I hope you have. If not, go play it. If so, please enjoy this excerpt from the latest Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, in which Jason Schreier and I discuss the many, many reasons we love it.


I reviewed Inside when it first hit the Xbox One back in June, but Jason hadn’t played it until last weekend. That made for a fun discussion of the things it does right (pretty much everything), and more importantly, the way it does those things right.

Heads up that this video features complete spoilers for the game, including the grand finale and the secret ending. While I was editing it, I kept having to pause and laugh at how astonishing those final 30 minutes are.

We’ll be talking about this one for a long time to come. What a game.

Kotaku Editor-at-Large


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Inside - a fun game about going to the beach with your friends.