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Why I Buy Weird Games

I really like weird games. Cubivore. Katamari Damacy. Gitaroo Man. As a gamer, some of my favorite experiences are the weirdest ones out there. When I go to the store or preorder games, I preferentially choose the weird ones; the runts of the litter, the ones that people don't play that often.


In the video above, I discuss my love of weird games: Why I seek them out, why I buy them, why I play them, and ultimately why weird is ultimately a good thing.

If you're a weirdo like me, sound off in the comments. What are some of your favorite unconventional games and why?


Music: Portofino by Teengirl Fantasy, via the Free Music Archive.

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Illbleed. ILLBLEED. Not the best survival horror ever made, but sure as hell the weirdest.