Why Gears of War 2 Won't Be At Leipzig

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Leipzig's Games Convention will be Gears of War 2-less. While the game got top Microsoft billing at E3, Gears of War 2 won't be at GC. Explains Epic's Mark Rein:

Microsoft doesn't show Gears 2 at Leipzig because they don't sell the game in Germany.

Gears of War 2 won't be sold in Germany due to the country's restrictions on game violence. Bummer. Rein confirms Gears 2 as Leipzig no-show [VG247]

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Did GoW1 get banned in Germany as well? Just curious if they did.

On the flipside, how many Germans are going to buy an import copy from say, Austria, or someplace? I know I heard a while back that imports from other European countries for games that got banned in Germany happened quite a bit.