Why Do You Think Wii Sales Have Slowed?

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The Nintendo Wii, a hugely successful console, is experiencing a sales slowdown. Wii sales are down 21 percent — the biggest decline since the console launched in 2006. But why?


It is important to keep in mind that the Wii has been a juggernaut, running rings around the competition. So even when Wii sales drop by 21 percent, Nintendo is still able to have its third best year ever.

The decline in Wii sales, however, does beg the larger question of why.




No no, I don't agree with most people saying saturation. PS2 sold double - 140 million versus 70 million. It comes down to the games. 2009 was a slow year. 2008 had huge movers Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit, also SSBB. In recent months they were unable to come up with software that would capture a new audience, as they had done previously with brain and exercise games. They could also easily speed up hardware sales with a PRICE CUT. I'm sure PS2 was reduced in price several times to sustain its growth.