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Well, according to one expert, these games are designed to be addictive.

Dr. Hilarie Cash of internet and computer addiction program reSTART says just that: "These games are designed to be extremely addictive." That's not all! "If you're a stay-at-home mom, once it takes hold, it starts interfering with the time it takes to spend with a kid."


Lock up your housewives! Social network games are going to get them.

Dr. Cash tells The Daily Beast that game companies like Zynga have figured out a way to keep players involved by a reward structure that includes a steady stream of rewards, points, etc.


"That's absolutely consciously built into the games," she says, "I've talked to video-games developers who acknowledge this."

Whether it be alcohol, smoking, eating, net surfing, shopping or gaming, people can be addicted a bajillion different things. Some people are addicted to work, and some are addicted to drugs. Others are addicted to Mafia Wars. Go figure.

Mafia Wars and Moms Who Play It [The Daily Beast]

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