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Why Can't We Ever Just Play As A Kid, Having Fun?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Video games are always so serious. You're almost always playing a grown-up (or at least a teen), out to save the world, kill things and scowl a lot. Why can't video games be more like the games we play outside as kids and just be, well, fun?

That's all I can think of watching this Kickstarter video, which is actually for a short film, but whose viewpoint (it's being shot using first-person GoPro cameras) immediately screams "video game". One that I would buy instantly.


I mean, look at 'em go! The motion blur, the laughter, they're having a blast. The setting - a playground with sunlight peeking through the leaves - is about as idyllic as it gets. And it's not like you'd need to invent some new mechanic, since so many video game objectives (like capture the flag) are based on playground games anyway.

Think Mirror's Edge, with all the climbing and jumping, but none of the head-kicking or attack helicopters.


OK, maybe some of the head-kicking. We are talking about kids, after all. If there's one thing I remember from working in childcare for six years (or, you know, being a kid), it's that boys do love their fisticuffs.

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