There's An Insane Loophole That Lets People Play ROMs On An iPhone

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Unlike, say, Android, Apple is pretty strict in how it polices its online store, outlawing any app that lets people play emulated (read: usually illegal copies of old games) titles on their iOS device. But it can do little to stop this one.


Riley Testut has built a program called GBA4iOS, a Game Boy Advance emulator for Apple's portable devices that lets you install it outside of the App Store without the user having to "jailbreak" their phone or iPad.


It does this by using GitHub, a software development platform, and MacBuildServer, a service that turns code into working apps. This combo lets users install an app outside of Apple's App Store, tricking your device into thinking the app is being used for testing.

Once it's on there, if you had a ROM of an old Game Boy game lying around, you'd be able to make like an Android owner and play old Nintendo games on your phone.

Apparently this loophole has been quietly known for a while, and it's only this week, with the popularity of GBA4iOS, that its cover has been blown. It'll be interesting to see how Apple reacts, if there's a way for it to react at all.


Play Nintendo Games on iOS — Courtesy of Programming Loophole [Tech News Daily, via Game Politics]

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Why can't people just not steal games.. This is why so many developers are going mobile, because they lose money from piraters, and emulators. So now they can make games cheap, and profit from it.. Virtual Console has plenty of classic gameboy games on it, go and buy those games there, you are not entitled to have any of those games for free, and Nintendo didn't say you can have them for free, therefore you are stealing. I hate gamers that think they are special, and "deserve" to have those games for free, and try to come up with lame excuses like " I couldn't find the game anywhere, so i think its a good reason to take it for free.". If you can't find it too bad, find a different game to play.