The best thing about board games, hands down, is the people. I don't just mean the sorts of people who play board games, I mean that more broadly: Playing a tabletop or board game means spending time with your friends, your family, your loved ones. Board games are about people.

This video, from Shut Up & Sit Down editor and sometime Kotaku board game columnist Quintin Smith, is beautiful. It's also very sad. In it, he takes a pause from his site's usual run of (excellent) board game reviews and reflects on the recent passing of his father, as well as his favorite gaming memory.


He's absolutely right about what makes board games—and other types of games—special: Whether it's a crazy game of Risk: Legacy or a hilarious couple of hours with Divinity: Original Sin, the people we play games with share so much of our joy, and help us make memories that, clichés aside, will last for the rest of our lives.

If you wanted to share your own favorite gaming moment below, I wouldn't hold it against you. Be excellent to each other, y'all.

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