Why Aren't There More Video Game Sand Castles?

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What do summer and StarCraft 2 have in common? Sand castles of course! No, not sand castles of course! But we're doing a fun sand castle contest anyway!

Why? Because when we were looking for neat video-game-themed sand castles online we realized there were a tragic few. So here's the deal: We have ten hardcover copies of the new StarCraft 2 novel, Heaven's Devils by William C. Dietz, to give away on the site.

Between now and Monday we want you to build a game-themed sand castle for a chance to win one of the books. We're going to have our team of three interns go through the entries to determine the ten winners.


To enter, just submit a photo of your castle (with the word Kotaku in the image somewhere) to this post in comments.

You have until Sunday to enter your original creation. (Don't just grab a picture off the Internets or photoshop something, we want real sand!). The interns will deliberate and announce the winner on Monday.

Good luck and happy castle building.

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Heaven's Devils??

What, was "Hell's Satans" taken?