"Why Am I Missing An Arm?" Is An Important Question To Answer

It's even worse when you're missing an arm, your family's been slaughtered and your home torn apart. Find out what happens next in our live demo of Drinkbox Studios' Severed.

In the video below you'll see our own Evan Narcisse, who managed to catch up with Guacamelee creators Drinkbox at PAX East last weekend to see how their latest title was coming together (sorry) since its announcement last year.

It looks like a wonderfully stylized take on the of first-person dungeon crawlers, which sounds perfect thing to play on the Vita when it arrives this summer.

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Nightshift Nurse

We'll see…

Drinkbox kinda lost me with Guacamelee.

I've rarely found an entire game - or any portion therein - so difficult as to actually be personally offensive, but the requirements to reach the true ending (specifically the treetops) were so unnecessarily hard that it was just that: offensive.