Why A Game About The Devil Couldn't Sell For $6.66 On Steam

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We Know The Devil is a game that involves, well, the devil. Obviously, it deserves to be sold at a price point of $6.66. Obviously. Unfortunately, that’s not something Steam allows.


We Know The Devil, a Really Quite Good visual novel about queerness, summer camp, and religious horror, has been available on publisher Date Nighto’s website at a price of $6.66 for a few months. Yesterday it came to Steam, and longtime fans noticed that its base price was $7.99—aka Wrong. So, what happened? Turns out, We Know The Devil’s developers wanted to sell the game for its original price, but Steam’s rigid settings barred the way.

“For pricing,” Date Nighto’s Jo Fu told me via email, “we were limited to certain price brackets and were unable to set our own price, and discounts only work in whole numbers.”

You might notice that the game’s price is currently $6.63 on Steam. The extremely specific 17 percent discount was an attempt at getting it as close as possible to $6.66. “We tried to get close enough to the datenighto.com price for launch week,” Fu said, “but were confounded by maths.” Close enough, though, right?

The lesson here? Valve discriminates against Satan. Also, Steam is weirdly restrictive behind-the-scenes, disallowing not only custom pricing but also things like pay-what-you-want options. This despite Valve’s utopian vision of a fully open store where people can establish their own self-contained storefronts. So now you know.

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Babak Abrishamchian

Its pretty stupid that Valve wouldn’t allow it, and just adds to the list of ways Valve is lazy as shit. The reason this would be annoying is because it would require paying the developers a different amount from the cookie cutter amounts that steam comes up with. If it were 6.66, someone would have to decide how the 6.66 was distributed between Valve and the devs. This is easy shit, and honestly just goes to show how little Valve really cares about creativity. Its all about making money, and doing it as easily as possible.