Who's With Me?

To: Totilo
From: Bashcraft
RE: Dy Nt


It's Friday, and I gotta know, are you with me? If you want to stay in Thursday. Fine, do it. I don't care. But I'm all about Friday and I must know: Are you with me?

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I'm with you for a few hours, then I have to go work from 3-7:15 pm EST (why 7:15?). Weekends aren't as fun now as they used to be when I didn't have a part-time job!

Plus, I still have school for 3 more weeks: 2 normal weeks, and then Finals week! I only have 2 finals, though! 1 Monday at 8 am, and another at 10:30 am on Tuesday! So, talk to me about Friday in 3 weeks. I should be free for more stuff then!