Who's Ready for Some Game Cube and Wii HD Remakes?

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Commenter Brixish points out that with the enhanced graphical power of the Wii U console, we could very well be in for a flood of HD remakes of classic Game Cube and Wii titles. Tell us what you'd like to see made shinier in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


Considering the power of the Wii U, its lack of GameCube backwards compatibility, and the success of N64 remakes on the 3DS... I think we're bound to be seeing GameCube/Wii games "remastered" in HD. Also, because of the controller, there could be some pretty cool changes made to any remade games on the Wii U, without really sacrificing what made the original so good.

What games would you like to see? I'm going with (The Legend of Zelda) Wind Waker and Tales of Symphonia, pretty much because they made middle school so magical. The more "recent" me wants a Baten Kaitos Collection, or something.

(I'm making this post because I just finished ICO on the PS3... pretty good stuff, although a little disappointing)

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The thing is, even if Nintendo WAS to release Metroid Prime Trilogy HD or Super Mario Sunshine/Galaxy/Galaxy 2 HD or Wind Waker/Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword HD, everyone would start going "typical Nintendo, more re-releases waaaaah blah blah".

Even though in the past we've seen similar things with Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Prince Of Persia, Zone Of The Enders, God Of War and now Devil May Cry and everyone's fine with those, you can guarantee the haters will come out in full force when Nintendo tries it. Just look at the shit they got for Starfox 64 and that wasn't just an upscaling job, it was brand new textures and character models (not to mention the 3D).