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Not Sarah Palin, don't start, we're not going there again, no Sarah Palin, no, no, no. Bayonetta designer Hideki Kamiya has someone else in mind. And it's not me. Sadly.


When asked what actor would make a good live action version of character Jeanne if (big "if") there was ever a movie, Kamiya says he's never even thought about that. Who he has thought about is a live action version of Bayonetta.


"For Bayonetta," Kamiya says, "it would be Elizabeth Hurley."

There, that settles it. Bayonetta is Elizabet Hurley. You can take that to the bank. Not sure what you'll be able to do with it there, though.

Hideki Answers Vol. 2 Part 2! [Platium Games] [Pic]

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