Who Needs An iPad When This Tablet Has Twin "Sticks", a D-Pad And Buttons?

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I love my iPad for gaming, but only for certain types of games. Usually the ones that don't ask you to move a lot. Anything that requires a virtual d-pad, or joystick, or buttons, gah, no, kill it with fire.


Unless...unless there was a tablet like this one. Archos' GamePad is an upcoming Android tablet that sticks two sliders, a d-pad and some face buttons on the side of a tablet, turning it into an enormous custom gaming handheld. Specs are thin, but consist of "a dual-core processor @ 1.5 GHz combined with a Mali 400mp quad-core GPU".

Which would be awesome for Android games, but think about it, it would be even better for all those old PC games you've got lying around the house.


Because Android's Ice Cream Sandwich OS now supports game controllers, Archos reckons over 1000 Google Play titles support the sticks and buttons. If GTA III is one of them, that would be great.

It'll go on sale in October for "less than £130" (USD$205).

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So for $190 you get this 7'inch "Gaming" tablet, that runs $9 Gameloft ripoff games and also angry birds and people call this a 'deal' ?. But when there's a Portable gaming device that has many uses and can run console like Triple-A games that can be played for hours and hours with real controls and fantastic visuals (I'm talking about the Vita)

but having the price tag of $250 is not a good 'deal' and is also called extremely expensive ?