Who Likes Glowy Eyes? We Like Glowy Eyes!

The life of a dragon slayer sounds pretty rough what with the slaying of dragons and all. But with glowing eyes and mind reading as side effect, it sounds like it could also be pretty nifty.

Divinity II: Ego Draconis is a fantasy role-playing game where users start out in the shoes of a novice dragon slayer and eventually wind up becoming an actual dragon. That's probably going to cause all kinds of dilemmas and hunter-becomes-the-hunted cliches later on in the game. But, hey, you get to mind read. And fly.


Fun fact: when developer Larian Studios was first planning for the human-to-dragon transformation sequences, they wanted to have a half-dragon variant you could use in dungeons. Sadly, this was feasible due to time and money — but maybe they'll get around to it in Divinity III.

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