Who Is Ready For Some Nintendo Console Sales Numbers?

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You? Yes? No? Maybe?

Nintendo has released the lifetime global hardware sales numbers for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii. As Kotaku previously posted, Wii hardware sales were down this past year; however, the company still posted its third best year ever.


In the financial year from April 2009 to March 2010, there were 20.53 million Wiis sold worldwide, bringing the global lifetime total to 70.93 million Wii consoles.

For the Nintendo DS platform, 27.11 million DS units were sold globally — of which 14.80 million were the DSi and 2.08 million were the DSi XL. The life-to-date total for the Nintendo DS is 128.89 million.

Compare these figures with last year's numbers. Do it!


It's interesting how the Wii was perceived as a game changer for the console market but the DS was both more successful and brought about a bigger technological change (the iPhone owes a lot to the DS's success). I wonder if that's because the Wii was more of a comeback story while the DS built from the successs of the GBA.