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Who Is Beating Up Chun-Li?

Illustration for article titled Who Is Beating Up Chun-Li?

An update to the official Japanese Super Street Fighter IV blog teases a new character reveal for Super Street Fighter IV next week. Who could possibly be the source of so much Chun-Li pain?


Capcom US posted a link to the Japanese site today with the headline "New Super Street Fighter IV Art and... A New Challenger?", leading us to believe that's exactly what Nakky is talking about. According to a translation of the post by Azrael from the Shoryuken forums, the post teases big news that will also be appearing in next week's issue of Japanese video game publication Famitsu, with a promotional video going up on the Capcom site around the same time.

Yes, it's an announcement of an announcement, but at least we have a nice picture to dissect between now and next week.


ドリームチーム枠! [Super Street Fighter IV Official Blog via Capcom Unity]

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mintycrys: Pirandello Kruger part-timer

If we look at the short list of rumored characters, the only characters that are likely to have an arc focus would be...





and maybe Dudley, if an uppercut gets a full arc animation.

I'd like to think it's Karin.

I'd really, reeeeally like to think it's Karin.

But it could be Hakan, seeing as they're fighting at what might be an oil rig.