White Knight Chronicles Has Solid, If Not Spectacular Week In Japan

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Role-playing game White Knight Chronicles has been the focus of much attention for its perception as a great white hope for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. It is from Level 5, after all.


You know Level 5, developers of the best selling Professor Layton series for the Nintendo DS, entrusted with Square Enix's most recent Dragon Quest entries. They know how to make million sellers.

While first day sales of 130,000 copies may not have seemed to reverse any fortunes for Sony's PlayStation 3 in Japan, the first week's worth of sales for the Level 5-developed title bode better for the game.


White Knight Chronicles raked in an estimated 203,000 copies during its first seven days on sale, according to a typically reliable Japanese blog. That's despite middling Famitsu reviews.

That's good. In fact, it's the third best debut for a PlayStation 3 game behind Metal Gear Solid 4 and Devil May Cry 4. Better than Yakuza KENZAN and Shin Sangoku Musou. In other words, not bad for a non-sequel.


Now that PlayStation 3 games are starting to have better sales legs in Japan, we'll be keeping an eye on sell-through of the game to see how well it holds up. Keep in mind these are unconfirmed figures and we'll wait for Media Create numbers to confirm.

PS3「白騎士物語」初週で約20万本を販売、他 [忍之閻魔帳]

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203,000 for a non-sequel new IP PS3 exclusive is somehow NOT spectacular? I dunno, those are pretty damn high numbers for a game with all that and Famitsu's insane scores working against it.

I guess I could probably be considered one of the 203,000, considering I imported the game (just waiting on it to GET HERE now), but it's nice to see a PS3 game, and a JRPG for that matter, doing well over there amidst the sea of DS shovelware.