While you're waiting for your chance to play some sci-fi real-time strategy, why not browse through some lovely screens and concept art from Shogun 2: Total War, visiting a simpler time, when war didn't involve zergling rushes.

I really enjoyed the brief time I had with Shogun 2: Total War at E3 this year, and with tonight's big release, I'm finding myself in a real-time sort of mood, be it tactical or strategic.

The Creative Assembly passed along these latest screens and concept art pieces to make sure everyone remembers that when they're done with the future, the past is just around the corner.

Here we see a heavy horse charge with Chosokabe mounted Katana Samurai smashing into a line of foot Takeda Katana Samurai. Brand new physics systems allow for realistic charges with horses slamming into the throng of soldiers, scattering them and throwing the unit into disarray.


Two large forces of the Takeda and Chosokabe clans rush forward to destroy one another and hold the field. Both are Samurai units, meaning this will be a bloody and skilful match of swords.


Having beached these Samurai and Ashigaru are now ready to take the fight to the enemy during the gentle and spectacular Japanese spring blossom season

The famous Date Masamune. A one eyed warrior, the famous leader of the Date Clan who cared so much for his men's welfare he personally bought them the best armour money could buy. His famous victories include defeating an army of 30,000 men with 7000 warriors. He features as a potential member of the Date clan family tree and a commander on the battlefield.


One of the three truly great leaders of the sengoku-jedi. The first leader who truly held the potential to unify Japan. A member of the Oda clan family tree and a general on the battlefield, fasmous for his early adoption of the western musket and gunpowder. Also a famous opponent of Japan's warrior monks.


A member of the Takeda dynasty and a general on the battlefield. Takeda Shingen famously had a loyal corps of twenty four generals, who won many victories under his military rule. A great strategist with some long term enemies in Japan.

An early concept of a castle on fire. Sieging castles in Shogun 2 is a brand new experience. Multiple types of castle with multiple levels of walling mean you must break every ring and assail every redoubt. AI defense and attack mechanics have been reworked to be much more competent in offering resistance. Higher level palace structures will differ depending on where they are built and how heavily defended.